Get into the Story is a family devotional program that works in conjunction with the Generations of Grace curriculum that we use for our Children's Ministry.


Included in each week's bulletin, this devotional is for families to take home and work through the following week. These devotionals serve to build families spiritually by providing a Bible-reading time, a short  discussion of a biblical theme or passage and follow-up questions for family members to talk about.


The topics and passages discussed in the devotionals are what will be taught in Children’s Ministry  the following Sunday. This is a great opportunity for us to affirm what parents are teaching to their children, and to reinforce important truths to the children of Hope at home. However, this is not a children's devotional. It is intended for adults to use (even those without children). So you may want to adjust it for younger children. For helpful tips on how to use these devotionals. 

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