Welcome to Hope Chapel’s Nursery!

6 weeks - 3.5 years old


It is our desire to bless parents by allowing you to participate fully in the service while trusting that your child is well cared for by our volunteers. Parents are welcome to stay in the nursery during the service, if they wish, or return to see their child.


We will:

Notify you if you are needed in the nursery for any reason.

Foster your child’s playtime with a story, a snack and a potty time/diaper change.

Release your child only to an adult in your family.


We ask that you:

  • Tell us of any food allergies or special requests.

  • Let us know about special potty or diapering needs.

  • Let us know if you will be in a part of the church facility other than the main gathering area.


If your child is tearful when you check them in, consider letting your child adjust for a moment before you leave. Coming back to check on your child can be confusing for them and make it difficult for us in creating an environment to comfort them.


Please label your cups, pacifiers and diaper bags, (we have labels for you.) Please keep your child at home if there is sign of a fever or other contagious illness including a new cold with sinus infection.


We hope you are encouraged by God's Word and enjoy Him in worship!