Sundays - What to expect

Our weekly gatherings are friendly, engaging and leave you wanting more. Searching our website can only give you the facts. The best way to find what you're looking for is to come and be our guest. In an effort to prepare you ahead of time we hope the following will help:



We meet on Sunday mornings at 10:00am at 5740 N Academy Blvd, just behind the 4 Wheel Parts store. As you enter the building you will feel at home with a friendly greeting to start your morning. Parents will be shown where the Children's Ministry and Nursery are and how to register their children into class. Older children (3 1/2 years+) sit with their parents during the first part of the worship, while the younger children may be cared for in the nursery. At the break, the older children may join their classmates, but parents are free to keep their children with them for the duration of the gathering.


Dress is comfortable and appropriate.



At 10:00am we welcome everyone and share announcements with the church body. Then we begin worship with the whole church, including our children, 3 1/2 years and older. Our love for the Lord often produces an atmosphere of great celebration, passionate gratitude, and personal reflection for God's undeserved grace. Content-rich songs mark our music including great hymns and sweet choruses.  Every Sunday during this time we look to God for fresh grace through prayer and the Lord's Supper. All who call on the name of the Lord as Savior are invited to join us in this rich moment. For more information about the Lord's Supper, click here:


We follow up with a song of response and corporate prayer. The children are then released to the Children's Ministry and we spend a short time greeting each other before the message begins.



Verse by verse teaching of the Word is a priority for us. On any given week you will find us working our way through a book of the Bible. Our messages seek to honor the context and original intent of Scripture. You can anticipate the sermons to be Christ-centered, relevant to your situation, and about 45 minutes long.



After the sermon we close with a few more worship songs to allow time for personal reflection and preparation for the week ahead.



We finish up around 11:45 a.m. and encourage the parents to immediately sign out their children from the Children's Ministry. We recognize that Sundays are special and far too brief. So we encourage you to stick around and build relationships with others in the Body, or take a friend to lunch!