Our History

Hope Chapel Colorado Springs began as a church plant in 1993. Scott and Sarah Dontanville left Los Angeles, California and moved their family to Colorado. We initially met in Scott and Sarah's home in Gleneagle, inviting neighbors and new acquaintances to join a Bible study.














On Easter Sunday, 1994, we rented some space at Explorer Elementary School where we began our first public service with Scott serving as the Senior pastor. Every Sunday involved a lot of setting up and tearing down equipment but a core team grew to a size which prepared us for our own space.  














Within three years God provided a new location in a storefront near the corner of Montebello and Academy. All hands on deck were needed for a remodel and God abundantly provided the resources.














At this location, a coffee house ministry was born and the church grew to two services. Again we were hunting for more space as the church grew. Up to this point we were part of a denomination, but it became apparent that our theological differences were becoming significant. The denominational overseers recognized our differences and graciously allowed us to leave under very favorable circumstances.














Once again we were looking for more space as the church was growing. A sports bar had closed down at the corner of Vickers and Academy and we saw this as a great opportunity. As God would have it, He provided the finances and we provided the sweat. With a six month build out we moved in during the month of October, 1999, and spent the next five years at this location.
















During this time God was refining the theology of the church and bringing things into focus that only He could have done. We look back now and see His hand at work taking us through what was a very difficult period. Once again we were looking at moving as our theology was becoming more focused. To make a long story short, in 2005, God brought about extraordinary circumstances in bringing us to our present facility. We moved in and within two years things really changed. Our leadership transitioned from a pastor-led church into a plurality of elders. We now have three elders and three deacons who oversee and share the responsibilities of teaching and caring for the believers of our church. Our understanding of God's grace has gradually strengthened our beliefs in God's sovereignty to the point of calling ourselves "essentially reformed."















We continue to enjoy a great fellowship that is marked by passionate worship, love for the Lord, and solid Biblical teaching. We truly see ourselves as a family that expresses Christ's love and care for one another. We look forward to the opportunity of getting to know you and hope you will come be our guest. 


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